Frequently Asked Questions

A: There are many benefits to becoming a sperm donor, such as:
  • To help women and couples who cannot conceive naturally to achieve their dream of having a family
  • Knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life
  • To find out your own fertility status (determined by a semen analysis) – you can receive a copy of your results
  • To receive a FREE fertility check-up including blood tests
A: Once all your donations are completed and the quarantine period is over, a donor profile will be created. You will be given a donor code in our system and prospective recipients of your sperm will receive your donor profile. Your profile includes all the following information: Ethnic origin, nationality, build, height, skin tone, eye colour, occupation, education and interests.
A: We strongly believe that the mental and physical health of donor-conceived children is of the utmost importance. Therefore it is important that donor-conceived children can find out their biological origins. Identifying information may include the donor’s name, date of birth, donor code and contact information (including address, telephone number and email address).
A: When becoming a sperm donor it is very important to discuss the decision with your partner first after all this impacts them as well! At Monash IVF we require all prospective donors to bring their partner along to counselling sessions. In these sessions, your partner has the opportunity to ask the counsellor any questions they may have about the process and how your donations impact them.
A: There is a maximum number of families that can be created from your sperm – it is important to note that this includes your own family (or families) if you already have one. These limits are set by regulations or state legislation but no more than 10 women worldwide. South Australia and Northern Territory the limit is 10 families, in New South Wales the limit is five families and in Victoria the limit is 10 women worldwide. Of course these limits are the legal maximum and you can set your own personal limit to be lower if you wish!
A: As a sperm donor you have no legal rights or responsibilities to any children born as a result of your donation. However, you are entitled to know that your sperm has achieved a pregnancy, live birth, gender of the child, month and year of birth and whether there were any birth abnormalities.
A: You have the right to withdraw your consent to being a sperm donor in all Australian states. Each state has different conditions on when you can withdraw your consent and what you can withdraw your consent to. The Donor team in your state will be happy to help you and will explain your options.
A: It depends on the health issues. There is a free fertility test prior to any of the donations commencing that will determine if you are physically eligible to become a donor. You can also receive a copy of your results if you wish.
A: It is illegal in Australia to pay someone for their sperm donation. We can reimburse you for your reasonable out of pocket expenses associated with donating sperm. Donor-related expenses include travel, parking, time off work etc.
A: It’s very simple. Send us an enquiry or give us a call!

Those sperm aren’t going to donate themselves! It’s in your hands now.


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